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UPS emergency power systems (also called emergency power supplies or buffer power supplies) provide a constant output voltage, even if the mains power fails.
The output voltage is temporarily taken over by one or more batteries. The amount of time the system can absorb the mains voltage for depends on the size of the battery(ies). This is called the autonomy time.

DWE makes customised UPS systems for you with high quality and short delivery times. This means you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

DC or AC Output?

UPS emergency power systems can be divided into two types of systems:

  1. DC UPS, it provides a constant DC voltage
  2. AC UPS, which provides a constant 230V AC voltage

Although the two types give different output voltages, both are battery-based.

DC UPS system

This system has an AC input (mains voltage) and a DC output and is equipped with a back-up battery. These DC UPS systems are our specialty and are widely used in industry, hospitals and energy suppliers.
The following models are available as standard from stock or with a short delivery time.

In addition to these models, large capacities and/or other voltages are also possible. For example, we supply 110V and 220V DC UPS systems to various network operators and large industrial companies nationwide.

AC UPS system

This is the most common system. In the event of a mains failure, the UPS will continue to supply the connected equipment with mains voltage during its runtime.
This autonomy time provides sufficient time to, for example, start up a generator or to switch off the connected equipment in a controlled way.

DWE supplies AC UPS systems with a pure sine wave output voltage of up to 8 kW. All systems are designed for you based on your specifications.

Combined UPS system

It’s also possible to combine the above systems. By way of a dual UPS, virtually any combination of voltage and power can be combined.
See below for some examples.

Your emergency power solution

If you are looking for specific emergency power supply systems, please request an obligation-free quote.
Thanks to a streamlined production process, we can even deliver custom solutions quickly.

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