Industrial 220V inverter, 3200W

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The BW4000-DA220 is an industrial inverter (converter) in a 2U 19-inch rack enclosure. This inverter can convert a DC voltage from 220V to 230V AC alternating voltage (pure sine wave), but it also has a mains input with built-in static transfer switch. Due to its fast switching time of less than 5ms, it can provide excellent service in a UPS and makes a separate transfer switch unnecessary. The inverter can also operate with DC voltage only.

220V pure sine wave inverter

The inverter supplies 230V AC with a pure sine wave, ensuring that really all equipment will work with it. The 3200W inverter has a wide input range of 180V – 275V DC.

The inverter has a continuous power of 3200W but it can supply a peak power of 4800W for up to 10 seconds. So you always have sufficient 230V AC voltage available.

Via the settings menu, you can choose whether the inverter primarily draws its voltage from the DC (battery) or AC (mains) input. When the inverter detects a problem with the primary input, it immediately switches to the other voltage source.

Inverter with SNMP

By default, the BW4000-DA220 can be read via RS232/RS485 serial port with the ModBus protocol. The version BW4000-DA220-SNMP does not have this serial port but is equipped with an Ethernet connection with the SNMP protocol. SNMP, which stands for Simple Network Management Protocol, is the standard protocol for monitoring remote devices via TCP/IP.


The DC input voltage of, for example, a battery is measured by the inverter. If this voltage becomes too low, the inverter will sound an alarm and switch back to the AC input to prevent the battery from being discharged too deeply.

Besides voltage protection, the inverter/inverter is short-circuit-proof and protected against overload and over-temperature.
On the front, the current status can be read via the 4 LEDs and the LCD screen. Previous alarms can be read back via the menu.
The inverter is also equipped with 5 potential-free alarm contacts for feedback.


These inverters are mainly used in combination with a battery pack and charger to bridge mains power failures. It is also possible to operate on battery voltage alone.

Some application areas are:

  • Telecommunications
  • Data centres
  • Control room
  • 230V AC mains supply in a boat or vehicle
  • Autonomous power supply
  • UPS systems

With an inductive application (electric motor, compressor, pump, etc), you have to take into account a higher starting current. In this case, we therefore strongly recommend buying an inverter that can deliver 3 to 5 times the normal power of the motor.

Wide range

DWE offers a wide range of DC/AC inverters. The inverters are available from 800W to 8000W. Output voltages of 110V AC or 120V AC with 60Hz are also possible. Ask about the possibilities.
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