900V to 48V DC/DC converter, 1000W

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The PV1000-27B48 is a robust DC/DC converter which converts a high DC voltage from 900V to 48V DC. This 48V is a stabilized voltage.

Wide input voltage range

This input voltage of this 1000W inverter may be between 300V DC and 1000V DC. The output voltage is adjustable between 43.2V – 52.8V DC, making the converter applicable for many purposes.
The DC/DC converter is short-circuit proof and protected against overload, incorrect input polarity and overheating. The converter is partially encapsulated making it extra protected. Also, this 900V to 48V converter provides galvanic isolation between the input and output.

Parallel and redundancy option

The converter supports 2+1 parallel redundancy and current sharing. With this, in addition to redundancy, output power can also be increased. See the datasheets for the specific details and conditions.


These inverters are used in situations where a high DC voltage needs to be brought to a safe low voltage.
Some application examples are:

  • Power supply for PLCs or control boards from a high system voltage
  • Lowering battery voltage of boats or vehicles
  • Making voltage from renewable energy generation suitable for peripheral equipment
  • Renewable energy industry

MS Series

The MS series power supplies/converters are characterised by low cost, high quality, high efficiency and high reliability.
This 48V DC/DC converter is available from stock or with a short delivery time.