700V to 26V DC/DC converter, 200W

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The PV200-27B26 is a DC/DC converter that converts a high DC voltage from 700V to 26V DC. This 26V is a stabilized voltage.

26V converter, 7.7A

The input voltage of this 200W converter can be between 250V DC and 1000V DC. The output voltage can be adjusted via an external resistor between 23.4V – 28.6V DC, which means that the converter can be used for many purposes.
The DC/DC converter is short-circuit proof and protected against overload, reverse polarity and overheating. This 700V to 26V converter also provides a galvanic isolation between the input and output.


These inverters are used in situations where a high DC voltage must be brought down to a safe low voltage.
Some application examples are:

  • Power supply for PLCs or control boards from a high system voltage
  • Low voltage from a high voltage battery of a boat or vehicle
  • Making voltage from sustainable energy generation suitable for peripheral equipment

MS series

The MS series power supplies/converters are characterized by high quality and high efficiency with high operational reliability.