560V DC power supply, 3000W

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The PF3200-PS560 is a hoog vermogen switched power supply (smps). This switched power supply converts an AC voltage from 230V to 560V DC voltage (stabilised).

The PF series power supplies are characterised by high quality, high efficiency and high reliability. In addition, both current and voltage are adjustable.

This allows you to use this power supply unit as a voltage source, battery charger or as an LED driver. This power supply is not suitable for inductive loads, such as an electric motor or pump.

Hoogspanningsvoeding 560V DC – 5A

This stabilised 560V power supply can supply a DC current of up to 5A and a power of 3000W.

The output voltage is adjustable on the front side between 0 and 840V and the current between 0 and 5A.

The 560V power supply unit is short-circuit proof and protected against overheating. Due to the wide input range and the wide voltage and current setting range, the power supply can be used for many purposes.

Adjustable current source 0 – 5A

Besides being an adjustable voltage source, this switched power supply can also be used as an adjustable current source. The PF3200-PS560 has a strict current limitation, so the maximum current can be set exactly using an ammeter.

Battery charger

If the PF3200-PS560 is set to a safe charging voltage it serves perfectly as a constant voltage charger (IU charging characteristic).

This stabilised power supply can remain connected to the battery without any risk of overloading. This is because the charging current slowly decreases as the battery becomes full.

3000W LED driver

Because the current is adjustable from 0 to 5A the PF3200-PS560 can also be used as a LED driver.

The 560V power supply unit is then used as a constant current LED driver.

External control

The power supply is also available with a connection for external control (model PF3200-PS560-AI). The current and/or the voltage can be regulated by means of an analogue voltage (0 to 5V).

For example, it is possible to control the power supply through a PLC, or through external potentiometers. For the latter case, DWE has developed a PF-UIC1 that connects to the switched power supply via a plug-in cable. This circuit board with potentiometers on it can be mounted at some distance from the power supply, for instance on a panel.

In the same way, it is also possible to select different voltages and/or currents via a selector switch, all from one power supply. See the datasheet for more information.

Are you interested in this power supply with external control? Then choose the model PF3200-PS560-AI.