48V power supply 240W stabilised

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The CF240-PS48 is a switched-mode power supply (smps), it converts an AC voltage from 230V to 48V DC voltage (stabilised).
Due to their large temperature range, they also function well at very low or high ambient temperatures.

Output 48V DC – 5A

This stabilised 48V power supply is short-circuit proof can supply a DC current of up to 5A and a power of 240W.
The output voltage is adjustable on the top side between 47V and 56V, making the power supply applicable for many purposes.

Battery charger

If the CF240-PS48 is set to 54.6V it can serve perfectly as a constant voltage charger (IU charging characteristic).
This stabilised power supply can remain connected to the battery without any risk of overloading. This is because the charging current slowly decreases as the battery becomes full.

CF Series

The CF series power supplies are characterised by high quality, high efficiency and high reliability.
This 48V power supply is available from stock or with a short delivery time. The charger/power supply can be easily clicked onto a DIN rail.