48V DC-UPS, 145W

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DWE200-BVU48-1G is a compact %V_SYSTEM_NUMBER% Volt DC-UPS (emergency power supply / buffer power supply) which provides a continuous output voltage, even during mains failure.

48 UPS backup power

The UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) consists of a switch mode DC power supply with built-in maintenance-free closed battery which is placed on the bottom of the cabinet. When the mains power fails, the DC-UPS emergency power system takes over the power supply for at least one hour at a decrease of 2.7A. With a lower current consumption, this autonomy time becomes longer.
The backup power supply is sized to allow 145W to be taken continuously while the power supply still has sufficient capacity to charge the battery. As a result, even at full load, a completely discharged battery can be recharged to 80% of its capacity within 8 hours.


This UPS can be used for a variety of applications such as:

  • Alarm systems
  • CCTV (camera surveillance)
  • Fire alarm
  • Elevator installations
  • IT system
  • Telecommunications systems


This 48V UPS emergency power unit is built in a sheet steel system cabinet (sealing IP22; colour RAL7032) with sufficient ventilation.
The mains voltage, outgoing group and potential-free alarm contacts are connected directly to the printed circuit board via robust screw terminals.
The mains fuses and battery fuses are also located on this PCB.
The following versions are available as standard:

  • DWE200-BVU48-1G
    Battery not included, the sum of charging current and output current may not exceed 3.7A.
  • DWE200-BVU48-1GB9
    Maximum output current 2.7A.
    Includes 9Ah battery, sufficient for:
    - 120 minutes (2 hour) backup minimal at a load up to 2.7A;
    - 180 minutes (3 hour) backup at a load up to 2A;
    - 240 minutes (4 hour) backup at a load up to 1.6A;

If you have any questions or need a 48 Volt UPS with different specifications, please contact us: