24V to 230V inverter, 5000W

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The SWP5000-DA24 is an inverter (converter) that converts a DC voltage from 24V to 230V AC voltage (pure sine wave) and can supply an AC current of 21.7A. The continuous power is 5000W but it can provide a peak power of 10000W.
This way you always have sufficient 230V AC voltage available. This inverter is equipped with two European sockets type F (a.k.a. Schuko) as standard, other models are available on request.
In addition there is also a terminal block for the 230V AC.

24V pure sine wave inverter

The inverter supplies 230V AC with a pure sine wave, so you are assured that all equipment will work with this.

The 5000W inverter has a wide input range from 20V – 31V DC. Both the input and output voltage can be read out on a digital display.
This inverter is also available with a connection for an external switch under article number SWP5000-DA24-RC. This makes it possible to place an on/off switch on a dashboard, for example.

Battery protection

In addition to the display, the input voltage of, for example, a battery is also measured internally. If this voltage gets too low, the inverter will switch itself off to prevent the battery from being discharged too deeply.
If you often think that a battery will be completely discharged, it is advisable to switch off the inverter earlier. You can do this manually, the display will help you with this, or by using a separate deep discharge protection.

In addition, the inverter/converter is protected against too high a load, overvoltage and temperature. If this occurs, the inverter will switch itself off. When the situation returns to normal, the inverter switches on again.
This 24V inverter also offers galvanic isolation between the input and output.


Inverters/converters are used in situations where AC voltage is needed, but only DC voltage is available.

Some application examples are:

  • 230V AC mains voltage supply in a boat or vehicle, such as a (lorry) car, camper or forklift
  • Power supply on holiday for, for example, a laptop or refrigerator
  • Autonomous energy supply
  • UPS systems
  • Converting sustainable energy from solar panels to alternating voltage via a battery

For application of inductive application (electric motor, compressor, pump, etc.) you have to take into account a higher starting current. We therefore strongly recommend buying an inverter that can deliver 3 to 5 times the normal power of the motor.

Wide range

DWE offers a wide range of DC/AC converters (inverters). The inverters are available from 400W to 8000W and larger. Output voltages of 110V AC or 120V AC with 60Hz are also possible. Ask about the different options.

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