220V to 5V converter, 50W

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The CF60-DD5 is a DC/DC converter which converts a high DC voltage from 220V to 5V DC. This 5V is a stabilised voltage.
Their wide temperature range also makes them suitable for applications with very low or high ambient temperatures.

5V Inverter, 10A

This 50W power supply unit can operate on both mains voltage and DC voltage. The DC voltage may be between 90V DC and 375V DC.┬áThe output voltage is adjustable on the top side between 5V – 5.5V DC, which makes the inverter suitable for many purposes.
The DC/DC converter is short-circuit proof and protected against overload and overheating. If this occurs, the converter will switch itself off. When the situation returns to normal, the converter switches back on.
This 220V to 5V converter also provides a galvanic separation between the input and output.


Inverters are applied in situations where a DC voltage of a certain value needs to be brought to a higher or lower value. It can also be used to turn an unstable voltage into a fixed stable voltage. The DIN rail mounting makes it easy to install.

Some application examples are:

  • Power supply for PLCs or control boards from a high system voltage
  • Lowering on-board boat or vehicle voltage
  • Stabilising voltage in sustainable energy generation

CF Series

The CF series power supplies/inverters are characterised by high quality, high efficiency and high reliability.
This 5V DC/DC converter is available from stock or with a short delivery time.