150V power supply 6,7A

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The EY1000-PS150 is a switched-mode power supply (smps) in an enclosed housing with a low profile (1U/19″) and full range input. This stabilised power supply converts an AC voltage from 230V to 150V DC voltage.

The EY series power supplies are characterised by high quality, high efficiency and high reliability. In addition, both current and voltage are adjustable.
As a result, you can use this power supply unit both as a voltage source, current source, battery charger or LED driver.

Versatile 150 Volt DC power supply

This stabilised 150V power supply can supply a DC current of up to 6.7A and a power of 1000W. The output voltage is front-side adjustable between 102V and 150V and the current between 0 and 6.7A.

The 150V power supply unit is short-circuit-proof and protected against excessive temperature. It is also equipped with a remote ON/OFF function as standard.
With its wide input range and wide voltage and current setting range, the power supply can be used for many purposes. These include:

  • Power supply for cameras, PLCs or other equipment
  • Power supply for lighting (used as LED driver)
  • Power supply in machines and control systems
  • Battery charger

Battery charger

If set to the correct float voltage, the EY1000-PS150 does an excellent job as a constant voltage charger (IU charging characteristic). This stabilized power supply can remain connected to the battery without risk of overcharging. This is because the charging current slowly decreases during charging as the battery becomes full.

1000W LED driver

As the current is adjustable from 0 to 6.7A, the EY1000-PS150 can also be used as an LED driver. The 150V power supply unit is then used as a constant current LED driver.

EY series

The EY series of power supplies is characterised by high quality and efficiency at a modest price. Other output voltages (from 24V to 180VDC) can also be custom-made for you.

If you are interested in this power supply, you can order it below. This 1000W power supply is available from stock in many cases.