110V no-break DC-UPS, 700W

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This 110V no-break system is a DC-UPS that provides a continuous 110V DC voltage. During grid operation, a P800-PS96 the 110V output voltage. During a mains failure, it switches to battery operation without a changeover time. This UPS system is designed for a backup time (autonomy) of at least 1 hour at a consumption of 6A.


This 110 Volt UPS has been used for many years in medium voltage substations and substations in European energy networks. In these stations, the UPS supplies important (switching) systems with 110 Volt DC. The system is designed in such a way that several fields can be switched simultaneously. The peak currents required for this can easily be absorbed by the battery.

The 110Vdc UPS can of course also be used in other situations where a reliable 110 Volt power supply is required. Examples of this are:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Hospitals
  • IT system
  • Telecommunications systems


This 110V UPS emergency power unit is built in a sheet steel system cabinet (sealing IP22: colour RAL7032) with sufficient ventilation.
The mains voltage, outgoing group and the potential-free alarm contact are connected to the terminal block at the top of the cabinet. The protection is carried out with automatic devices (MCBs).

The following versions are available as standard:

  • DWE800-BV110-1G
    Excluding battery, the sum of charging current and average output current should not exceed 7.2A.
  • DWE800-BV110-1GB18
    Maximum output current 5A.
    Includes 18Ah battery, sufficient for:
    – 60 minutes (1 hour) backup minimum with an average draw of up to 6A;
    – 120 minutes (2 hours) backup minimum with an average draw of up to 5A;
    – 180 minutes (3 hours) backup at an average draw up to 4.2A;
    – 240 minutes (4 hours) backup at an average draw up to 3.2A.


The system is equipped with a DUAP alarm system. This is an alarm system developed by DWE, which is controlled by a microcontroller.

The following alarms are present:

  • system incident
  • rectifier failure
  • low voltage detection
  • high voltage detection

Each alarm controls an LED on the front of the cabinet and a common potential-free changeover contact on the terminal block. The front is also equipped with a Volt and Ampere meter to read the current status of the DC-UPS.

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