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The MW3001-PS120 is a switched mode power supply (smps), which converts an AC voltage from 230V to 110V DC (stabilized).
This 110V power supply is equipped with PFC, short-circuit proof and protected against over voltage and overheating.

Output 110V DC – 25A

This stabilized 110V power supply can provide DC power of up to 25A and an output power of 3000W.
The output voltage is adjustable at the front between 18V and 130V, making the power supply suitable for many purposes.
If desired, the output voltage can also be adjusted from 18V to 130V via an external control signal or a potentiometer. Check the datasheet for the exact specifications and control method. This is optional, without this external signal or potentiometer the voltage is adjustable by means of the two potentiometers on the front.

3000W LED driver

Because the MW3001-PS120 can also be set as a constant current source of 25A, it can be used as a LED driver.
Check the datasheet for the exact specifications.

MW series

The MW series power supplies are characterized by high quality and high efficiency for a modest price. Many functions such as remote ON / OFF or DC OK signal are often already standard.
This 110V power supply is available from stock or with a short delivery time.

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