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Below you will find an overview of all DC/DC converters from 298V to 400V DC direct voltage. These converters are stabilized, short-circuit proof and can operate with 298V DC input voltage.

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All DC/DC converters on this page have an output voltage of 400V DC. This voltage is adjustable for many types. By clicking on the product you can read this and other additional information.

298V to 400V DC converter overview

This overview is automatically generated from the wide range of DWE. We therefore recommend that you check the datasheet whether this converter is suitable for your application.
If you need help with this, please let us know. You can send a message with your wishes and we will offer you the suitable DC/DC converter.

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  1. 350V to 400V DC/DC converter 300mA, 120W galvanic isolation, front left view

    €102.34 - €119

    350V to 400V DC/DC converter, 120W

    The DY120-DD400-350 is a DC/DC converter that converts a varying DC voltage from 350V to a stable 400V DC voltage and can provide a DC current of 300mA to 500mA.

    In 350VDC
    Input range 297.5 - 392VDC
    Out 400VDC
    Current 300mA
    Power 120W
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