Emergency lighting systems

DWE centraal noodverlichting systeem

DWE emergency lighting systems are of the central emergency lighting type, which means that the installation is located in a central location and from there the wiring goes to the various emergency lighting fixtures. When the mains power fails, the central power supply box switches over to emergency power.

Custom Emergency lighting system

Emergency lighting systems are very customer-specific. Because we have specialized in these types of systems and listen carefully to your wishes, we always come up with a suitable system for your situation together with you.

Are you interested in one of our emergency lighting systems? Then you can indicate the number of groups of emergency and possibly transparent lighting (for escape route indication) on the form above, after which you will receive a quote without any obligation.

Specific version

Are you looking for a specific detail. For example, emergency lighting that is suitable for outdoor installation, or a separate voltage, or perhaps a system with an extra long autonomy time.
Everything is possible. Explain your situation to us and we will make a suitable offer for you.

Below are some examples of specific emergency lighting systems.

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