Frequency converters

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A frequency converter is an electronic device that can adjust both the voltage and the frequency to the preferred value.
For example, a voltage of 115VAC 60Hz can be converted to 230VAC 50Hz or vice versa.

Custom inverter

These frequency converters are custom made. Common voltages such as 115V 60Hz, 115V 400Hz, 230V 50Hz or 400V 50Hz are possible. Other voltages are also available on request. This type of inverter is available in capacities up to approximately 8 kW.

Below you will find some examples of available frequency converters. For customisation requests, please contact us.


  1. Frequency converter

    €1,055.36 - €1,088

    800W frequency converter 115-230V to 230V 50Hz

    The AP800-AA230-T3236 is an industrial frequency converter of 800W. The converter can convert 95V - 264V 47-63Hz to 230V AC 50Hz and deliver a current of 3,5A.

    In 115VAC
    Out 230VAC
    Current 3.5A
    Power 800W
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