400V to 230V inverter, pure sine wave

dwe inverter overzicht met zuivere sinus

An inverter converts a 400 Volt DC voltage (battery) into an AC voltage (230V-50Hz).

Stable 230V with pure sine wave

The standard output voltage is 230 Volt, 50Hz with a pure sine wave.
This means that this inverter supplies the same type of voltage as the wall socket. This allows any electrical device to work on it.

What should you be aware of?

When choosing the right 400V inverter, these are the three most important points to consider:

  • Make sure that the voltage of an empty battery is not lower than the minimum input voltage of the inverter.
  • Ensure that the voltage of a battery under charge does not exceed the maximum input voltage of the inverter if the inverter is left connected to the battery during charging.
  • Make sure that the inverter has sufficient excess capacity to withstand current peaks. For example, with an inductive application (electric motor, compressor, pump, etc.) you should take into account a larger starting current. In this case, we strongly recommend buying an inverter that can deliver 3 to 5 times the normal power of the motor.
    For example, if you want to run a 1000W electric motor, take an inverter of at least 3000W, but better still 5000W or more.

Overview 400V inverters

Below you will find an overview of our standard range of 400V inverters. Do you need help making a choice? Or is it just not what you are looking for? Then please contact us via our contact form. We have a large network of suppliers and can definitely help you.

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products found:
  1. Wechselrichter 400V auf 230V reine Sinuswelle 800W, Vorderansicht rechts

    €358.62 - €417

    Industrial 400V inverter, 800W

    The DY800-DA400 is an industrial 400V inverter of 800W. The inverter can convert 400V to 230V AC and supply a power of 800W.

  2. 400V auf 0V DC/DC-Wandler 6.5A, 1500W Frontansicht links


    Industrial 400V inverter, 1500W

    The AP1500-DA250-U3116 is an industrial 400V inverter of 1500W. The heavy duty inverter can convert 400V to 230V AC and provide an AC current of 6,5A.

  3. 380V to 230V inverter 4000W pure sinus wave rechts

    €999.36 - €1,041

    380V to 230V inverter, 5000W

    The SWP5000-DA380 is a 380V to 230V converter from 5000W with a pure sine wave, displays, outlets, terminal block and provided with battery protection.

  4. 380V to 230V pure sinus wave inverter 3000W , front

    €607.24 - €646

    Stock item

    380V to 230V inverter, 3000W

    The SWP3000-DA380 is a 380V to 230V converter from 3000W with a pure sine wave, displays, outlet(s) and provided with battery protection.

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