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The convenience of a webshop and the personal service of a specialist retailer with a passion for the trade: De Wit Elektronika │ DWE helps you with all your questions on power supply and conversion. Our extensive range of converters, charging systems, UPS systems, emergency lighting and power supplies is popular with both (electro) technical specialists and buyers, from SMEs to large companies.

Always a solution

DWE is a family business with almost forty years of experience. In those years we not only built up a lot of knowledge, but also a large and reliable network of manufacturers. Moreover, we have an efficient in-house production process. This means that we can meet any challenge in the field of power supply and power conversion. For example, converting voltage to any other desired voltage, but also maintaining this voltage in the event of mains power failures.

Tailor-made advice

And are you unsure about what the best solution is? We are happy to help you and deliver high-quality custom work. It is no coincidence that you can find DWE UPS systems in many hospitals and large industrial complexes, and that the shipping industry and manufacturers of electric cars rely on our solutions.

If you have any questions after viewing our website, please feel free to contact us.

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24V DC-UPS, 400W

DWE500-BVU24-1G is a compact %V_SYSTEM_NUMBER% Volt DC-UPS (emergency power supply / buffer power supply) which provides a continuous output voltage, even during mains failure.

24 UPS backup power

The UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) consists of a switch mode DC power supply with built-in maintenance-free closed battery which is placed on the bottom of the cabinet. When the mains power fails, the DC-UPS emergency power system takes over the power supply for at least one hour at a decrease of 15A. With a lower current consumption, this autonomy time becomes longer.
The backup power supply is sized to allow 400W to be taken continuously while the power supply still has sufficient capacity to charge the battery. As a result, even at full load, a completely discharged battery can be recharged to 80% of its capacity within 8 hours.

DWE500-BVU %V_SYSTEEM% Volt DC-UPS aanzicht linksvoor